Wojtek Świeca was born on Mar. 21 1990 into a musical family. He has graduated from the Poznan  School of Music (1st and 2nd level) and earned MA diploma at the Poznan Academy of Music.

During his early years spent at the primary school and junior high school he had been winning prizes in guitar contests and when he started his high school education he simultaneously started the 2nd level education at the State School of Music of Poznan. Being 17 he debuted on the polish jazz scene, as one of the finalists of Jazz Juniors Contest that took part in Cracow, where he performed with the S.O.T.B. Quartet. This band participated in several other jazz contests, including the Krokus Jazz Festival in Jelenia Góra or Jazz Bands Review in Gdynia. 

After starting his Academic education he became active within the scope of live performance. Thanks to the Program of International Student Exchange named Erasmus he started to cooperate with the foreign musicians. In 2012, a Polish-Danish-German band named Jazzpocalypse (Wojtek is one of the founding members) won the prestigious European Jazz Contest in Rome. The band has already toured 3 times in Poland and Germany, additionally it has recorded a self-published concert album entitled Live in Toruń. It got several positive opinions of the Polish jazz-music critics and was distinguished as one of the Debuts of the year by, which is one of the most influential Polish jazz blogs.

Wojtek has been working with numerous bands in different music styles, including Getaway Crew (reggae), Spoko Baba (hip hop), Pleroma (avant jazz), he is additionally a collaborator of the Orchestra of Poznań Philharmonic.

He’s currently living in Berlin, Germany, working with other musicians, dancers, as well as composing eletronic music for various occasions.

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